Tuesday, August 29, 2006

what's new ....

last week pegi jerantut.. uncle qila kawin .. dlm 3 jam jugak la perjalanan .. dr kl kul 9 pg sampai dlm pkl 12 tgh.. wedding is just ok.. qila mengamuk skit.. mayb sebab panas.. org ramai gak.. konvoi 2 keta dr kl..

this week nak balik kelantan lak... nie wedding belah uncle qila .. this is your 1st time journey to kelantan .. ibu ngan papa risau sgt takut qila ngamuk.. hopefully ok..

since qila masuk 8 months .. mmg laju sgt kalau merangkak.. sedar2 jek dah kat dapur .. pastu skang ni asik nak panjat2 jek.. takut sgt terbalik ... dah la qila ni tak balance sgt ... mulut pun dah laju jek .. tp tak paham apa lak yg qila duk bebel...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pah Pah

On the way back from the nursery yesterday, you are as restless as usual. Climbing on ibu, hitting the car window, turn here and there, and making all sort of noises with your toothless cute little mouth.

I turned to you and teach you to say the word "Papa". And I repeated that word slowly a couple of times "Pa.. Pa..", with you looking at me attentively. And then suddenly you said your very first word.. "PAPA" with a smile on your face..

Ohhh what a day... Such a magical moment. I'm proud of you Aqila. And I love you with all my heart.

*I love you too, Ibu ;)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

accident ...

its been so long since ibu or papa write somethin' in here ... its been a hectic month ... early july we, both me and your papa caught with an accident .. things happens so fast ... as long as i can remember me and your papa been lying at the road .. its a long story to write here and i just cant write it ..

when u turn 7 month last july .. u having an ulcer , infection at your skin like ezima(not sure bout the spell) and u giving us a tantrum everyday .. coz u cant eat but u r really really hungry .. sian anak ibu... that time also ibu dah start keje.. i have to leave u with papa and nenek... thank god u doing well ... papa said in the moring u always looking for me.. nasib baik papa can cheer u up.. i know u good girl n' very smart baby.. u know how to behave when ibu not around... love u so much sayang ...

hopefully we have a bright day ahead... things happen with a reason ... its a dugaan from Allah s.w.t ... as long we bersyukur for what we have and cheerish every minute we have with the love ones .. its more than enough ... ibu see things diffrently right now .... god give us second chance ...

love u so much papa n' aqila... i cant see how i can live without both of u ...

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