Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Birthday to Papa


This is the first time Papa jot something here. Don't really know what to write about Aqila.

But today, Papa is exceptionally happy because Ibu bought a cake for Papa in celebration of my birthday. Such a sweet gesture, and to be able to share it with fellow colleague is something really special.

Thanks Ibu, how thoughtful of you...

*I'm turning 19 today :P

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

4 months...


our little princess turn 4 months today.. how time flies...
baru jek rasa sakit2 nak lahirkan qila ... now qila dah 4 months...

she can do a lot now.. smilling when we agah her.. laughing... loncat2 bile dirikan dier...
dah pandai merajuk.. hehehe like ibu dier.. grumpy like ibu dier gak... ni papa yg cakap.. :)

anyway happy 4 months lil' one.. :)

Monday, April 10, 2006


semalam lepas balik umah nenek kat segambut .. letak qila kat atas comforter .. ibu ngan papa terus kemas2 umah.. ibu basuh baju .. angkat baju... lepas ibu letak baju kat atas comforter.. tiba2 ibu terperasan yg qila dah meniarap dah... punggung ngan tangan semua dah meniarap.. tangan sebelah kiri jek tersepit skit... ibu apa lagi.. papa.. qila meniarap.. amik gamba .. xcited sungguh ibu.. qila tgk ibu cam muskil jek.. apa la ibu aku nie .. baru meniarap jek dah kecoh.. :)

jadik dengan rasminyer qila meniarap pada :

Tarikh : Ahad 9 April 2006
Pukul : 4.30 pm
Umur : 3 bulan 3 minggu

ibu and papa very proud of you... :)

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